Part III: Lady of the East

Titled by the model herself,  Foroogh (Mahafsoun) is truly unique.

When I first saw her modeling portfolio, one photo caught my eye (below) and I thought she looked like an angel:

When we first corresponded, her fun, kind, and enthusiastic personality matched my original image of her.

Finally, months later, on the day of the shoot, she showed up wearing a velvet corset, fishnet stockings, and platform boots – apparently her everyday gothic attire.  She discussed about her fascination with photography with Al while she waited for me to finish with Delia.  When she got into my chair, we chatted about the free spirit of bellydancing (check out her YouTube channel) and how she loves to dance to metal music.  What?!  This lovely lady is the perfect example of my philosophy – she’s dynamic, multifaceted and extremely talented.

Foroogh’s beauty is undeniable – long black hair, fair (flawless) skin, and green eyes.  She was perfect for the look I had envisioned, which was bollywood-inspired but softer.  I opted for subtle pink and gold eyes and a gradient lip.  For her hair, I couldn’t resist doing something more dramatic.  It was the perfect opportunity to employ a Sharon Blaine-inspired style.  Foroogh was so excited that she was given a ‘pretty’ look for the first time (like she isn’t already?) that she kept the hair and make-up for a night out on the town!

Anyways, she brought along with her a beautiful sari fabric and a load of accessories so we played around with them and had a great time.  Her graceful body movements showed through in her modeling – she was very comfortable in front of the camera and it was a pleasure to watch her pose.  I adored her so yes, you will be seeing more of her here.  Stay posted!

Of course, we can’t forget Al Cruickshank, the man behind the lens.  Even by the third model and many hours of waiting, he hasn’t complained once.  In my eyes, all his shots were breathtaking.  Did you like the art we created?

Check out more photos of Foroogh in my beauty gallery!

Part II – Tim Burton / 1920s Inspiration

Delia Delia Delia!
She’s as cute as she is intelligent.  Being a gal who never wears any make-up and always dressed in very professional attire, I was semi-surprised when she volunteered herself to be a model for my crazy fashion make-up antics.  I say “semi” because we all know that there’s more to a person than meets the eye 🙂  It was exciting to see what can come of this little experiment.

Of course, with her doll-like features and fair skin tone, I knew I wanted to do something 1920s-inspired on her.  But I also wanted it to be more fun and colourful than to really stick to the accuracy of the look from that decade.  What transpired was a Tim Burton type character.

Delia did a fantabulous job in front of the camera!  I wasn’t able to do much directing since I was moving on to the next model (part III coming soon!) but she apparently directed herself with every click.  When Al said “You’ve modeled before”, she merely attributed to Top Model (ANTM) .  Who says you can’t learn from watching TV?  Props to Al Cruickshank Photography once again for his amazing captures.  There were so many great shots, I didn’t even know how to choose.  Check out more in my creative gallery!

Part I – Rocker Chic Inspiration

During my short vacation, I arranged a photoshoot with some beautiful people (inside and out).  As a bridal make-up artist, I do a lot of neutral looks, which I think is beautiful, but my fashion/creative side has been subjected to confinement for so long.  I took this opportunity to release as least some of it.  My co-worker, Allan Cruickshank, is an extremely talented photographer and he set up a full-on studio at my place.  Since I just let my creative energy burst out that day, the three looks are completely unrelated, which is why I’m doing separate blogs for each.

So the first look is on the lovely Angela!
I was informed by her cousin that Angela has a fool-proof theory about posing for pictures and she definitely delivered!  I love to use make-up to bring out a different personality out of people and do a look they normally wouldn’t do.  But at the same time, the looks I choose to do on a model is inspired by what I see in that person.

The make-up is dark and dramatic with a bit of colour-blocking.  I had always wanted to accessorize make-up with a little something more and I was inspired by Pixiwoo to add crystal beading to make this look pop.  I had originally wanted black beading but I decided on this the night before the shoot so I used whatever I was able to dig up, which ended up inspiring the colouring of the shadows. This rocker style look wouldn’t be complete without the hair.  I opted for a glam curly faux-hawk which I think Angela pulled off like no other!

Here are some shots taken outdoor using natural light rather than studio lighting:



Check out more of the shots in my creative gallery!

Miracle4KIDS: Spring Delight Showcase 2012 BACKSTAGE PASS

(Pardon the messy hair and the sweat you can’t see >_<)

A little while ago, I received a message from Raymond Chou of Vivid Moments Photography asking if I was available to sponsor a non-profit event by beautifying the two emcees.  I was eager to do it since I would like to work my regime on anyone I can get to sit still and it was for a great cause.

Turns out the event was the Miracle4KIDS: Spring Delight Showcase (check out the link for videos of the amazing performers) which showcased multiple local talents.  It was run entirely by volunteers for an amazing cause – all proceeds will go towards purchasing a second set of neuroendoscope for the Department of Surgical Services at BC Children’s Hospital.

The first night I got there, I was excited as I squirmed my way around backstage.  Ethan, the event coordinator, was so kind as to help me grab my make-up case immediately and carry it to my spot.  As a freelance artists, I normally have to carry my own lights and request that a mirror  be propped up on a chair in front of the client.  I was immediately ecstatic to see that the dressing rooms were well equipped with chairs, table ledge, big mirrors, and vanity lights galore!

As I was happily setting up,  my first victim entered, the handsome Jack Liu!  When it comes to male grooming, it’s a 50/50 chance that the guy will shift uncomfortably in his seat, wondering if he’s starting to look like a drag queen.  Jack, the pro he is, was obviously used to the primping of the stars.  He allowed me to take out my tweezers and start plucking away, apply a bit of this and that, and voila!  As I was working, we chit chatted and I found out that Jack is a piano teacher.  How cool is that?  But I grew up in a church where everyone and anyone took piano lessons, as did I, so there was familiarity there but I knew that it didn’t really mean that you were a great pianist even if you can teach it (follow-up on this below…)

Then came the beautiful co-emcee of the night, Yiwen Guo.  Yiwen was my original contact so she’s already sent me some photos of herself and what look she wanted.  She’s no stranger to the make-up chair either as she’s modeled and entered in pageants in the past.  On top of that, she works in the financial field.  Talk about brains, beauty, and kindness – the whole package, gentlemen!

Why I was doing their make-up and hair, Jack and Yiwen were rehearsing their lines (I acted the part of the audience)  while another volunteer was carrying out their wardrobe.  I felt like a stylist of the stars!

As a thank you for my time and services, I was able to get a ticket for myself and a guest to an already sold-out show (I don’t know how they did it!).  I’ve been to talent shows before and usually there’s a couple of good acts, mostly mediocre ones, and a few cringe-worthy ones that makes you feel sorry for them (I’m not being mean, I was one of those people when I entered into a school talent show in grade 9).  I was honestly shocked at what I saw.  There were singers, dancers, musicians – and they were all amazing!  Some more than others but I really enjoyed every minute of it even though the show was three hours long.

One my fave performances came from our very own emcee (I couldn’t take a good picture at the distance) but it was absolutely flawless!  If you are looking to learn piano (or know someone who wants to), this is the guy you want to call.

I believe $3000-4000 was raised from the two day show for their cause.  What a fabulous event!

We have a winner! – Kunio Photography

If you’ve frequented my page, you’d notice that I’m not much of a blogger.  With my packed schedule and lack of sleep, sitting down and writing a blog is a rarity.  BUT since this is a special occasion, I’ll make an exception (even though I’m about a week late)!

I’m super excited that Jun Ying of Kunio Photography, whose work is sprawled across my portfolio, has won multiple awards for his wedding photography, landing him 3rd place overall in PWPC (professional wedding photographers of Canada)!  *applause* WOOHOO!

Jun and I started our craft at around the same time and both grew together as artists.  Seeing him make such an accomplishment makes me extremely proud!

Having my make-up and hairstyling work (the first four below) etched into his winning work gives me a bit of an ego trip, too.

Check it out!

1st place – Engagement

1st Place – The Wedding Dress

2nd Place – The Wedding Dress

2nd Place – Bridal Portrait

2nd Place – Wedding Details

4th Place – Bridal Party Portrait

Once again, congratulations Kunio Photography!