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Choosing a personal make-up and hairstylist for your wedding is a very personal thing.  I have provided you with some information to help you along the way!


Each trial lasts for about 1-3 hours long and is a great opportunity for you to ask questions and try different looks.  Use this time to be as vocal as you like in expressing how you want to look on your big day.  You are encouraged to bring photos, swatches, accessories – anything that will give us a visual of what your day would look like.  Ultimately, I want you to be happy, confident and stress-free by the end of the trial.

If you are unsure about what you want, scan through pictures and inform me of what you like and dislike.  I can offer suggestions and advice based on skin type, hair type, location, theme colours, etc.   Nothing is set in stone and we can loosely play around with different hairstyles and/or make-up looks.  After the trial, I expect to hear more feedback in minor adjustments that would make you even more comfortable.  The goal is when I show up on the morning of the big day, I know exactly what you want and you know what to expect from me.

Your bridesmaids and guests may choose to book a trial as well, but it is not required.  If no trial is booked, pictures and descriptions of the skin- and hair-type would be greatl.


Please visit the policies page for information on deposits and the service agreement.


Your prepping location may vary from homes to hotels to restaurants and I am happy to go wherever necessary to make your life easier.  Since I am mobile, I carry all of the equipment and products with me.  All I ask for is a table for products, and electric outlets to plug in equipment and lighting.

Generally, for make-up, bridesmaids start first, and then the bride last.  For hair, we start with bride first and the bridesmaids after.  This is flexible and largely depends on the schedule,  It is meant to coincide with the photographers/videographers and to ensure that the bride’s make-up is freshly applied right before the event.  Hair and make-up services are complimentary for the flower girl!

Once services are complete, you will be provided with a complimentary touch-up kit for you to stay fresh and picture-perfect throughout the day.  The kit will vary depending on the services requested.