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  1. When should I book a trial (hair or make-up or both) for my wedding?
    As soon as possible!  Brides book 2-6 months in advance.  Saturdays book up the quickest, especially during wedding season between May and August.  The earlier you book, the less stressed you’d be.
  2. Are trials required?
    Trials are recommended but are not required.  They give brides peace of mind and allow the artist to be familiar with their skin and hair types.  Many brides opt to book the trial on the same day as their Engagement or Pre-Wedding photo shoots or parties, which is an excellent way of completing two tasks in one.
    That being said, brides have booked based on viewing the portfolio, word of mouth, and personal testimonials.  Wedding planning is busy work, and you may not have time to do a trial.  As long as you complete our consultation form and we’ve acquired the necessary information to do the job, there should be no problems!
  3. What should I do to prepare myself for best results?
    Cleanse skin thoroughly (that means no makeup!) and moisturize 30 minutes prior to make-up application.  Exfoliate and hydrate lips.  Put on contact lenses if you plan to wear them on your wedding day.
    Clean, dry hair.  Please do not use any products, including conditioner that may weigh down your hair.  Refrain from cutting your hair until after the trial in case you want a style which requires more length.
  4. What do I need to bring to a trial?
    Bring swatches of the theme colours that will be surrounding you on your wedding day, photos of the wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses, and pictures of make-up and/or hairstyles you would like to try.
    For planning a proper hairstyle, it’s particularly important to bring any hair accessories (fascinators, pins, clips, tiaras, veils) and hair extensions you plan to use to ensure that they will attach securely to your hair.
  5. How should I prepare for the wedding day?
    Make-up does not sit well on flaky skin or a super tired face so make sure you get plenty of rest!
    Brides are encouraged to receive monthly facials 12 months prior to their wedding day to ensure that their skin is in top condition, their last appointment being 1-2 weeks prior to the wedding date so the skin can rest.
    Eyebrow shaping is an important step that is often missed.  They frame your eyes and can often change the expression on your face.  If you don’t have a reliable resource, I can definitely offer recommendations.
  6. How much time should I allot on my wedding day for make-up/hair?
    Hairstyling depends on the style and the amount/length of hair.  Generally, we allot 45 minutes to 1 hour per person per job booked.   You are encouraged to set aside extra time for packing, dressing, last minute touch-ups, emergencies, and any delays that may occur.