Floral Glamourous

Wedding season nearly makes blogging impossible so some of you may have already seen the images months ago but it’s never too late to take a closer look!

I worked with Foroogh earlier this year (read here) and we both planned to work together again.  Another talent I was planning on working with for some time now is Vancouver fashion photographer Kenneth Kwok.

I wanted to do a classic glam shoot with a little black dress and a bold lip.  Kenneth wanted to do a outdoor shoot with a floral headpiece.  Foroogh was flexible and up for trying something different, in which case, both these looks are quite different from her gothic style.  So after much consideration (-_-) we chose to do both!

One of the biggest challenges of fulfilling an inspiration for a shoot so far has been styling.  My closet has been frequently raided for my shoots because, to be honest, I have way too many outfits for my own good and it’s nice to make use of a dress I’ve worn only once.  But not everything will fit the model and not everything can fit the theme either.

Some items just aren’t easy to find in stores if they’re not the latest trend.  So Foroogh and I hit up Dressew (the biggest fabric warehouse located downtown) to pick up a couple of things to create the outfit I had in my mind.  We found everything we need within half an hour and she offered to make the headpiece while I made the outfit.  What a team! 🙂

The hair style was a somewhat messy and wavy, meant to be blown in the wind.  The make-up was what I wanted to focus – a warm purple, glittery ‘n glossy eye, flawless flushed skin, and nude lips.  It was a mistake to apply the face gloss so early on in the shoot because as many of you who have tried, gloss is not meant for longevity.  It was creasing a lot throughout the shoot, but fortunately, that less-than-perfect look was ironically perfect for the theme and setting.

The shoot was amazing and I did more than beautify, I was the official wind-maker, flapping around a reflector multiple times to create wind-in-hair effect.  Here are some of my fave photos (edited by F).  Check out the final images here!

Floral took longer than expected so we didn’t have quite enough time for Glam.  Either way, we made it work.  I pulled out muh baby – the black dress I had my eye on for awhile selling for $100 and found it finally on sale for $40 which was the last one on the rack and was actually my size!  I was practically beside myself with stress when I handed it to Foroogh with the tags still on, but sacrifices must be made and she was very careful with it 🙂

Make-up was a bit of a twist from the classic red lip, winged eyeliner look.  The eyes looked winged when opened, but was a shaped, blended shadow when closed.  I wanted the lips to be classic but modern so I opted for a fuchsia colour instead. We also thinned out her brows for this look so it’s more polished than the au naturel Floral style.

I started with her hair swept to one side but it ended up looking too ‘prom’ than glam so up it went – a giant, teased bun wrapped with a lace braid.  It’s actually the perfect hairstyle for all the ladies with long hair when you want it out of your face during hot, sweaty summer days.

Once again, a few faves here and the final products here.

Part III: Lady of the East

Titled by the model herself,  Foroogh (Mahafsoun) is truly unique.

When I first saw her modeling portfolio, one photo caught my eye (below) and I thought she looked like an angel:

When we first corresponded, her fun, kind, and enthusiastic personality matched my original image of her.

Finally, months later, on the day of the shoot, she showed up wearing a velvet corset, fishnet stockings, and platform boots – apparently her everyday gothic attire.  She discussed about her fascination with photography with Al while she waited for me to finish with Delia.  When she got into my chair, we chatted about the free spirit of bellydancing (check out her YouTube channel) and how she loves to dance to metal music.  What?!  This lovely lady is the perfect example of my philosophy – she’s dynamic, multifaceted and extremely talented.

Foroogh’s beauty is undeniable – long black hair, fair (flawless) skin, and green eyes.  She was perfect for the look I had envisioned, which was bollywood-inspired but softer.  I opted for subtle pink and gold eyes and a gradient lip.  For her hair, I couldn’t resist doing something more dramatic.  It was the perfect opportunity to employ a Sharon Blaine-inspired style.  Foroogh was so excited that she was given a ‘pretty’ look for the first time (like she isn’t already?) that she kept the hair and make-up for a night out on the town!

Anyways, she brought along with her a beautiful sari fabric and a load of accessories so we played around with them and had a great time.  Her graceful body movements showed through in her modeling – she was very comfortable in front of the camera and it was a pleasure to watch her pose.  I adored her so yes, you will be seeing more of her here.  Stay posted!

Of course, we can’t forget Al Cruickshank, the man behind the lens.  Even by the third model and many hours of waiting, he hasn’t complained once.  In my eyes, all his shots were breathtaking.  Did you like the art we created?

Check out more photos of Foroogh in my beauty gallery!